Is there a ‘Making Way’ to show or learn mathematical concepts, skills and procedures
by engaging with the struggle that is making art?

At MathWeave we are investigating what mathematical knowledge, skills and thinking are inherent to visual arts. More specifically, we are currently focusing on the mathematics in textiles. We use Making with Rigour to investigate the mathematical thinking in the design, creation, and appreciation of artefacts, in order to attempt to answer the above broad question.

The outcomes of these investigations include:

This month, we are reading:

  • Getzel, J.W. The Problem of the Problem
  • Smith, T. The Problem with Craft
  • Lunney-Borden, L. The 'Verbification' of Mathematics: Using the Grammatical Structures of Mi'kmaq to Support Student Learning
  • Friedenberg, E.Z. Children as Objects of Fear and Loathing

In past meetings, we discussed these readings.

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